Development robotics,
automatics and controlled devices.



Our company has been based in Petah Tikva (Israel) since 2017.
Every day we are faced with exciting new ideas and vital challenges that require new, innovative thinking.

We provide a wide range of developers-integrators with the developed NO-CODE software platform for creating automation tools, robotics and controlled devices. Our strategy is to democratize and expand the R&D audience using fundamentally new development methods without language programing.

Our methods do not require integrators to take special courses.
They are intuitive and intended for those who understand the binary signal ("0" = 0.5 V and "1" = +3 ... 5 V), as well as understand sensors and device drivers.

  Our beliefs

We want to make the development process of automation, robotics and controlled devices accessible to everyone, not just specialists (Programmers) with special education.

We want to be predecessors and we want to shape the future.

We want to inspire with how we use technology and what opportunities we can create.


How it all began

Our startup was founded in December 2017 by a multidisciplinary engineer Alexander Kapitulsky.
His goal was to democratize a wide audience of developers of automation, robotics and controlled devices. As part of his scientific work, he developed hardware I / O for external communications and continued his research in programming without code, resulting in a logical core with an external graphical user console for integrator developers.

Alexander Kapitulsky - CEO & CTO

Yigal Shtark

Victoria Stvolinsky

Ilia Zilberman


After watching this introductory video tutorial on working with the BEEPTOOLKIT platform, you do not need to think about ways and methods of programming using languages, instead, you simply launch yours instructions and make the final decisions.



This is how the BEEPTOOLKIT logical configurator panel looks like for 160 configurable bi-directional I/O, where:

The logical panel of the configurator allows:

  • To carry out a full parametric and logical adjustment of the port operation in accordance with the algorithm of the entire automation or its individual scenarios;

  • To carry out full or partial simulation without connection or with connection to external hardware peripherals;

  • Saving all settings in an external binary format;

  • Editing of previously saved configurations and settings of the PC interface; - multi-user or exclusive access to the  developed instructions;

  • Copyright protection at the hardware and software levels;

  • Generation of telemetry reports in real time continuously or by event:





















The entire scenario of the algorithm can be repeated many times in standby mode for a specified time or in the interval of 99:99:99 hours.

Similarly, you can configure repeating cycles for each I / O port.

It is possible to automatically start from the moment the PC is turned on or go into standby mode and then resume. Also, automatic shutdown of the PC after the specified time and the number of cyclic repetitions.

The port, according to its configurable parameters, can be output, input, or bidirectional.

The output can be configured for 1 of 16 loop and interrupt control channels.

For data acquisition, the port can be specified by the instruction as an input port and can receive data on 1 of 10 channels in the voltage range from 0.001 to 3.300 V or simultaneously on 10 channels.


The platform core, in accordance with these instructions, generates, sends, receives and processes input and output signals for acquisition and control. At the output, these are 2-bit signals of binary logic (reaction 30-70 ms, 0-5V, 270 mA), at the input, 12-bit signals of 115200 units.

Communication with drivers and sensors of peripheral equipment is carried out by two types of compact analog-to-digital USB decoders. Their total number in the panel configuration can reach 127.
After connecting to a PC, you need to enter their ID numbers and they are ready to interact with device drivers and distributed sensors.

The platform allows the development of a fully automatic system, mixed automation with manual control functions, as well as fully manual remote control (joystick, keyboard, etc.).

The developed automation or devices can work both under the interface of the logical configurator panel and with the user interface (HMI), which is performed by Beeptec Engineering programmers.

In case of development and implementation in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard, all created automatics and devices are subject to standardization at the expense of Partners or their customers.

The platform and the automation solutions developed on its basis, robotics and devices, in the event of requirements from the certification clients, can be certified. At the same time, Beeptec Engineering provides comprehensive assistance to the Partner in compliance with its own and the Partner's intellectual property rights.

Working with our platform BEEPTOOLKIT guarantees developers:

- Availability of an extensive market of manufacturers in ready-made and inexpensive hardware modular solutions;

- Ability to quickly, at an intuitive level of mastering development methods.

 The developer does not need to know machine programming languages, he just fills the logical configurator panel with simple instructions;

- fast transition from development to production with an accelerated payback and resource savings.

The process of creation and transition to operation is 2 - 3 times cheaper, 10 times faster compared to the same tasks using DSP or PLC automation.


Summing up, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our potential customers and partners a fundamentally different next-generation technological platform for the development of automation and robotization.



   AGGREGATOR - At some point in development, after successful prototyping, the developer may need to compile the software into a custom version with an HMI.

  In this case, we suggest you use our services, contact our R&D support service and place an order in the prescribed form. These are paid services and you must factor in their cost when spending.
The term of these works is on average 5 calendar days.

  The end-user license, like the instrumentation platform, costs $ 400 per seat.
If it is necessary to develop additional automation functions or devices that are
not provided by the BEEPTOOLKIT, we will take into account your wishes and
give an exhaustive answer about such a possibility.
Such development is carried out by prior agreement, on separately agreed
payment terms and conditions.


  To place an order, you must select one of the interface design options, indicating its code, and attach a configuration file.


  The HMI development cost is calculated based on the amount of logic involved in each port and overall loop, including each programmable button.  A coefficient of 0.2 is applied to the total amount.
  The cost of a logical procedure is $ 3.0

  If it is necessary to develop additional functions of automation or devices, development is carried out by prior agreement.                                                                                                            $3.0          $3.0


             I/O       $3.0    $3.0    $3.0 $3.0      1 x $3.0                   $3.0       $3.0

   License for one Installation Kit for end user $ 400



  If the software is copied to other workstations or devices, you only pay the cost of the licenses.
In the event that customers require additional features or changes that were not previously present, such an upgrade will cost $ 5.0 for each additional logic procedure.

 BEEPTEC ENGINEERING PROJECT - begins with the preparation of the NDA, then you send us the terms of reference, and we enter into negotiations with you. We will carefully study your requirements and make an offer for you. You decide to entrust us with the development of the project. For the time of the contractual relationship, a virtual office with limited access for your representatives and our specialists will be at your disposal. The contract form with all conditions can be found here. You control the implementation of the project throughout the term of the Agreement and at the end of its warranty service. Since the transfer of the project, you are a 100% owner of intellectual property and you can dispose of it at your discretion. Ours some finished projects are presented here in a video presentation to demonstrate the level of complexity and our positive experience.


NO CODE - Very simple in minutes without programming languages

Configurator panel Automation properties and NO CODE instructions.

Automated testing of electronic PCB modules (ATE). 

Prototyping a medical physiotherapy device (dermatology)

The Beeptoolkit platform NO CODE minimum configuration and can be directly installed on a target PC SBC.
Quad Core 1.8 GHz processor, 2-4GB RAM and 32-64GB onboard flash memory

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