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Our company has been based in Petah Tikva (Israel) since 2017.
Every day we are faced with exciting new ideas and vital challenges that require new, innovative thinking.

We provide a wide range of developers-integrators with the developed NO-CODE software platform of tools for creating automation tools, robotics and smart devices. Our strategy for the future is completely different development methods without scripts.

Our methods do not require integrators to take special courses.
They are intuitive and intended for those who understand the binary signal ("0" = 0.5 V and "1" = +3 ... 5 V), as well as understand sensors and device drivers.

Our beliefs

We want to make the development process of automation, robotics and smart devices accessible to everyone, not just specialists (Programmers) with special education.

We want to be predecessors and we want to shape the future.

We want to inspire with how we use technology and what opportunities we can create.


How it all began

Our startup was founded in December 2017 by a multidisciplinary engineer with the goal of democratizing automation, robotics, and smart device development. As part of his scientific work, he developed hardware I/O of external communications and continued research in the field of programming without code, as a result, a logical core with an external graphical user console was developed - The Alexander Kapitulsky.

Alexander Kapitulsky - CEO & CTO.

Yigal Shtark

Victoria Stvolinsky

Ilia Zilberman



How it works

  • In developing the logical core of a no-code platform, we took into account many of the challenges faced by service companies, V&V departments, and developers.


  • The final software developed by integrators using the BEEPTOOLKIT toolkit does not require connection to expensive external controllers or microprocessor devices.

       Easy installation on computers with minimal configuration running Windows / Linux operating systems.

  • After getting familiar with the BEEPTOOLKIT platform, you don't have to think about the ways and methods of programming using languages, instead, you just launch your scenarios and make the final decisions.

  • BEEPTOOLKIT is a multi-tasking accelerated development environment that provides end-to-end automation works in many industries, in agriculture, science, medicine, defense, etc.

  • The platform is ideal for those projects that are at the stage of a formulated conceptual model, for performing software-hardware prototyping, as well as for end-use on site.

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