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IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics

Beeptec Engineering is a startup (2019) Is the author of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) BEEPTOOLKIT.

It is an unparalleled development environment and at the same time a simulator of a multifunctional Soft controller,
with the possibility of external control and data collection.


Demanded by R&D groups and private entrepreneurs interested in independent development of software and hardware solutions for personal or commercial use in robotics, automatics and smart systems projects.

Beeptec Engineering is headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel.


IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics

Every time, programmers in the process of their work, again and again, press the keyboard buttons, entering multi-page code in text format. 

Often these are the same repetitive sets of procedures with instructions and input rules that require programmers to have knowledge of the language, programming environment, experience in error testing and features of hardware communications to devices.

Automated code aggregator for R&D of Robotics,
& Smart devices. 

IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics

First of all - IDE (Integrated Development Environment) BEEPTOOLKIT The  visual automata-based programming tool platform based on a PC running Windows 10 iOT / LTSC. It is a programming aggregator for the develop and prototyping of automatiocs, robotics and intelligent systems, which is installed on desk PCs, tablets, SBCs or Sticks (86 x 64).

It is both an IDE and a
in soft real time Soft controller.

This is a software simulation with no connection or hardware connection using inexpensive USB I/O modules for the required number of input or output channels for collection and control. 

This is what the main panel of our multifunctional tool looks like!

Customize BEEPTOOLKIT like a joystick for the most addictive games, connect to the outside world of binary logic, create your own automation, robotics and intelligent systems.

To get started, you are provided with a functional I/O simulator that will allow you to determine the future configuration, set up communications and conduct virtual experiments.

Next - go to the Script Builder Panel, which opens with one click.

We introduce new concepts to the development world and tools that empower BEEPTOOLKIT users:

Tactile instruction coding means literally programming on the fly. Your actions look the same as when setting up a coffee machine with a set of recipes that can be changed and saved under your name. These scripts can be called automatically when building algorithms in other ways, and their number is not limited.

This is a SWITH METHOD using FSM, where you have 64 output and 640 input configurable channels to collect data and control all types of loads in accordance with your ideas.

Unlike game simulations, you connect real hardware and sensors, turn your ideas into real prototypes, including software source code.

Ask questions, we are ready to develop a dialogue at an expert level.

Welcome to the IDE BEEPTOOLKIT community, where you will find even more amazing solutions from our startup, as well as discover new investment opportunities.



This is how the panel of the logical configurator BEEPTOOLKIT looks like with I/O communications:

The logical panel of the configurator allows:

  • To carry out a full parametric and logical adjustment of the port operation in accordance with the algorithm of the entire automation or its individual scenarios;

  • To carry out full or partial simulation without connection or with connection to external hardware peripherals;

  • Saving all settings in an external binary format;

  • Editing of previously saved configurations and settings of the PC interface; - multi-user or exclusive access to the  developed instructions;

  • Copyright protection at the hardware and software levels;

  • Generation of telemetry reports in real time continuously or by event:





















The entire scenario of the algorithm can be repeated many times in standby mode for a specified time or in the interval of 99:99:99 hours.

Similarly, you can configure repeating cycles for each I / O port.

It is possible to automatically start from the moment the PC is turned on or go into standby mode and then resume. Also, automatic shutdown of the PC after the specified time and the number of cyclic repetitions.

The port, according to its configurable parameters, can be output, input, or bidirectional.

The output can be configured for 1 of 16 loop and interrupt control channels.

For data acquisition, the port can be specified by the instruction as an input port and can receive data on 1 of 10 channels in the voltage range from 0.001 to 3.300 V or simultaneously on 10 channels.

The platform core, in accordance with these instructions, generates, sends, receives and processes input and output signals for acquisition and control. At the output, these are 2-bit signals of binary logic (reaction 30-70 ms, 0-5V, 270 mA), at the input, 12-bit signals of 115200 units.

Communication with drivers and sensors of peripheral equipment is carried out by two types of compact analog-to-digital USB decoders. Their total number in the panel configuration can reach 127.
After connecting to a PC, you need to enter their ID numbers and they are ready to interact with device drivers and distributed sensors.

An additional built-in PC vision service, which can rightly be called a custom subcontroller.
The optional basic PC service of the BEEPTOOLKIT controller has been successfully tested and integrated. The platform has acquired computer vision, and the service can rightfully be called a custom subcontroller.


Machine vision functions:

Each color and halftone (256) can be scanned and indexed in direct shooting mode with a customizable area (both in size and geometry) starting at 5 pixels in the designated area, indexing the captured area in the range of 0.001 to 100.001.

The output index values are taken as a basis in the trigger data with the detection of 160 binary control output logic channels.


This service can be launched multiple times in the main script of the base algorithm, or used as a base service with automatic start at a given time, etc.

As cameras you can use, incl. infrared, microscopes, telescopes and other cameras operating in spectra invisible to human vision, to perform video control or instant photography with saving images in the desired format for further processing and research.


The platform allows the development of a fully automatic system, mixed automation with manual control functions, as well as fully manual remote control (joystick, keyboard, etc.).

The developed automation or devices can work both under the interface of the logical configurator panel and with the user interface (HMI), which is performed by Beeptec Engineering programmers.

In case of development and implementation in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard, all created automatics and devices are subject to standardization at the expense of Partners or their customers.

The platform and the automation solutions developed on its basis, robotics and devices, in the event of requirements from the certification clients, can be certified. At the same time, Beeptec Engineering provides comprehensive assistance to the Partner in compliance with its own and the Partner's intellectual property rights.

Working with our platform BEEPTOOLKIT guarantees developers:

- Availability of an extensive market of manufacturers in ready-made and inexpensive hardware modular solutions;

- Ability to quickly, at an intuitive level of mastering development methods.

 The developer does not need to know machine programming languages, he just fills the logical configurator panel with simple instructions;

- fast transition from development to production with an accelerated payback and resource savings.

The process of creation and transition to operation is 2 - 3 times cheaper, 10 times faster compared to the same tasks using DSP or PLC automation.


Summing up, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our potential customers and partners a fundamentally different next-generation technological platform for the development of automation and robotization.

IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics
IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics
IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics
IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics
IDE Beeptoolkit - platform for development of the robotics and automatics
Front P New.png

BEEP TOOLKIT - first meeting.

Load connection and RPA control.

RPA adaptive method

Big Upgrading

Configurator panel Automation properties and instructions.




Automated testing of electronic PCB modules (ATE). 

Updated version 0.23

A computer vision software module that can be included in the BEEPTOOLKIT script according to your idea. To work with it, you need a USB camera, microscope, and so on. The module recognizes colors and shades and, depending on the color, can open the output logic signals on 16 channels.

USB data acquisition module. Measurement and instruction.

Instal Beeptoolkit trial Ver.001

The Beeptoolkit platform IDE minimum configuration and can be directly installed on a target PC x86 SBC.
Quad Core 1.8 GHz processor, 2-4GB RAM and 32-64GB onboard flash memory

Prototyping a medical physiotherapy device (dermatology)

Release of the next version 023.1 of IDE BEEPTOOLKIT.

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