Our company  based is Petah Tikva  (Israel) since 2017.
Every day we are faced with new interesting ideas and vital problems that require new, innovative thinking.


   Our B2B/SaaS-oriented startup has many years of practical experience of employees in the field of automation and robotics.

The BEEPTOOLKIT platform is our software product in the form of an environment for developing fast, simple and reliable solutions at an affordable price with automatic machine code generation.

This means that a developer can create an automation process without language programming.

The real-time platform, based on the Windows 32/64 operating system, allows many common automation or robotics algorithms to be implemented with connected external hardware components or devices or their simulation, with multi-threaded measurements and the creation of logical control procedures.

The software developed in the BEEPTOOLKIT environment does not require connection to expensive external controllers or microprocessor devices, being a universal logic controller simulator.

The platform is installed on personal, industrial, mini-computers or tablets with a minimum processor architecture. When developing the logical core of the platform, we took into account many of the problems encountered by developers of devices and automation systems.

It is a powerful and multi-tasking next-generation R&D toolkit that is unparalleled in concept, and we are interested in targeted, diversified partnerships with engineering organizations.