The PC-based platform OS Windows 32/64,
which allows you to implement automation
or robotics algorithms without connecting
or with connecting external hardware
components or devices. This is a fully
autonomous management and data collection.


  Is a PC-based platform  OS Windows
32/64 demo - simulator of automation or
robotics , which allows you to implement
the algorithm and simulate its operation
without connecting external hardware
components. There is no need to write program code in programming languages.
ll you need is to launch the configurator, pause and visually configure the ports, apply the start command. If you are satisfied with the result you see, click the "Write" button.


You can create an unlimited number of your procedures and save (*.bin) them in local or network directories. For convenience, we recommend that you specify the information value in the file name.

!After saving, in no case do not edit the configuration files on the side. These files can only be modified from within the application.
Installation Kit Volume 250 Mbyte.