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To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer two versions of the software.
The first trial version of

Unlike the full version, it doesn't let you create, save, and access the source binaries for the projects you create.
At the same time, you can order an I/O module with an initial configuration of 16/10 from us.
The I/O module costs $ 20 (excluding shipping costs).

For the BEEPTOOLKIT full version, you need to buy a license from us. A single seat license costs $ 100 with an I/O module.

To place an order, you need to register and familiarize yourself with this manual, as well as use the detailed recommendations for working with software and hardware in the appropriate
sections of our forum.


   AGGREGATOR - At some point in development, after successful prototyping, the developer may need to compile the software into a custom version, including the final interface. 

  In this case, we suggest you use our services, contact our R&D support service and place an order in the prescribed form. These are paid services and you must factor in their cost.
The term of these works is on average 5 calendar days.

  The end-user license, like the instrumental platform, costs $ 100 per seat.
If it is necessary to develop additional automation functions or devices that
BEEPTOOLKIT is not provided, we will take into account your wishes and
e will give you an exhaustive answer about such a possibility.
Such development is carried out by prior agreement, on separately agreed
payment terms.


  To place an order, you must select one of the interface design options, indicating its code, and attach a configuration file.


  The Interface development cost is calculated based on the amount of logic involved in each port and overall loop, including each programmable button.  A coefficient of 0.2 is applied to the total amount.
  The cost of a logical procedure is $ 3.0

  If it is necessary to develop additional functions of automation or devices, development is carried out by prior agreement.                                                                                                             $3.0           $3.0


              I/O       $3.0    $3.0    $3.0 $3.0    1 x $3.0                         $3.0       $3.0

   License for one End User Installation Kit $350 including the cost of one I/O (10/16) USB kit.



  If the software is copied to other workstations or devices, you only pay the cost of the licenses.
In the event that customers require additional features or changes that were not previously present, such an upgrade will cost $ 5.0 for each additional logic procedure.

 BEEPTEC ENGINEERING PROJECT - begins with the preparation of the NDA, then you send us the terms of reference, and we enter into negotiations with you. We will carefully study your requirements and make an offer for you. You decide to entrust us with the development of the project. For the time of the contractual relationship, a virtual office with limited access for your representatives and our specialists will be at your disposal. The contract form with all conditions can be found here. You control the implementation of the project throughout the term of the Agreement and at the end of its warranty service. Since the transfer of the project, you are a 100% owner of intellectual property and you can dispose of it at your discretion. Ours some finished projects are presented here in a video presentation to demonstrate the level of complexity and our positive experience.

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