1 januar 2020PC-based Real Time OS platform Its features:
1. 64 bidirectional ports (USB ADC / USB RS232), each of which has 70 channels with binary output and 10 discretely connected (up to 10 at the same time) channels at the input of 115200 baud (12 bits) 6400 sensors (0 - 3.300 V);
2. The reaction of switching between the output data of 0.05 - 0.1 s.
3. Customizable cycles 0 - 99 for each port with taming from 0.05 to 3600 s;
4. In the same way, you can adjust the number of cycles for the entire scenario;
5. Telemetry, collecting data on the state of the sensors (continuously or during a response);
6. Automatic start according to the set schedule;
7. Configurable automatic shutdown and unloading of software.
Examples of working with input ADC ports.

                 We form libraries of modular solutions TTL (UART) and their integration into the platform.
As we study the need for various modules, after testing them, detailed instructions will be provided on how to connect them. In addition, 64 input ports (12 bits) for connecting sensor hubs are now available. Each hub has 10 input resistive channels.
Now you have the opportunity to connect up to 160 sensors.
Examples of working with input ADC ports.

               18 februar 2020 

We are constantly working to expand the functionality, increase the number of connected external executive modules, as well as collect ADC data (UART). Subscribe to our newsletter and follow the further development of the project.

               3 march 2020 
The platform was scaled up. At the moment, we have 64 bidirectional ports:
Output Signal Characteristics:
Each port has 16 selectable channels of high and low output level, current (low level drive) 20 mA, source current (high level drive) 270 μA.

At the Input, the port can be configured to 1 or 10 analog unbalanced channels;
Sampling input voltage range: 0-3.3 V;
Supply voltage: 5 V / 3.3 V
Resolution: 12 bits (4096);

               27 may 2020 
1. The total number of bidirectional ports brought to 160;
2. Added 16 programmable buttons;
3. Assembled a master kit for working with 5 stepper motors;
4. A 3-channel PWM generator, controlled by all functions of the platform, has been added to the master kit.